Flodown Sheriff Badge Window Clings in Original Haro Freestyler Colorways

Make pretend you donated to the Police Benevolent Association with these vibrant and meaningful Flodown Badge window clings.

Scoop now and score yourself a set of three (3) self-clinging vinyl badges in original Haro Freestyler colorways suitable for slapping right onto any glass surface.

You may not think it is big but you should be made aware that these clings are made created in a satisfying diameter of 4″ to help ensure sufficient visibility clear across the Green Lot at Alpine.

Please also to know that these are designed to perfectly match with your existing Freestyler colorway Flowdown Badge slaps and magnets for maximum deputizing enjoyment.

These devices are NOT signed or numbered.


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Flodown Sheriff Badge Magnets in Original Haro Freestyler Colorways

Here is a set of three flexible yet high-quality Flodown Badge magnet devices in vibrant Haro Freestyler colorways.

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