See what “fans” are saying about Not Pollock.

“I’ve known Not Pollock longer than you’ve been seeing Phish.”

Melinda Jaye Sale

“As an aside, I was wearing my new Daniel Donato cosmic country hooded sweatshirt device yesterday. While pumping gas, another customer was yelling across the parking lot how awesome my device was. And he didn’t care who knew it. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm for a device in my life.”

James F. Rategan III

“Some of the best if not the best looking pins I have owned. These are anything but low effort. Proud to be the owner of this stunning flock 🪿”

Kyle R.

“I guess it makes sense you steal from the main phish artist and goos [sic] uses the phish blueprint but both of you are hacks. Keep melting for me poser this is my art 🐴

Scott “Skip” Kendall

“So much random stuff… I need to remove paypal from my phone… 1/3 of this appears to be Not Pollock pins… when did I become a pin guy?”

Michael Sivel

“Danny Steinman would be proud of you for using an existing design, changing it minimally and selling it as a new design. Well done.”

Nick Lacombe

“Help me understand it. I’m missing it”

Arrow McDaniel

“man gotta unfollow you. so glad you’ve done well for self in the world that is phish, but cant take any of this trash anymore. best wishes as long as you have phish you’ll have a scene supposse. lord have mercy”

Kody Nos

“Do you ever have any good ideas?”

Skip Kendall

“My gf asked me nicely not to buy the shadow box.”

Bert Holcombe

“My least favorite color scheme sold best.”

John Schipp

“Nothing makes me happier then when I go to make love with Becky Abel and she’s wearing her Not Pollock Noah Ray shirt”

Doey Joey

“Collect em all kids. They might not be worth anything some day… just get the thing with the money.”

Joe Costanza

“I’m in the middle of a move and I’ve got money flying out my ass left and right, l need this shirt about as much as I need another hole in my head, yet somehow I still want it so fuck you”

Scott Kirby

“You’ve made nice paint pens look like primary school felt tips bro (: just slower, more paint”

Dylan Gower

“Wtf are these? My niece could have made this design lol”

Addy P Right

“During 1.0 it was a little person who rode a unicycle at shows who gave out free art. It’s kinda like big foot with a lot of reports with no photographic proof. But a history of good deeds. Today it seems to be a money making machine. I have no idea if it really ever happened or if it was one person. There was such heavy drug usage back then.”

Henry Schwab

“Sorry for the terrible pictures, but let’s be honest here, NO photographer can capture the beauty of this artists work!”


“You just made my Friday!”

Matt Bittman

“I see an email and just start smashing links.”

Nick Argenas

“I find the whole ‘not pollock’ thing rather offensive. A better name would be ‘not good’.”


“$50! For 1 pin? Dont get me wrong they are fantastic pins…”

James Watson

“Got my Glow. One of the best quality pins I own.”

Brian Clingner

“Selling my hampton 2009 Not Pollock was one of the biggest mistakes i have ever made…it did, however, go towards the purchase of my fiance’s engagement ring”

Jeremy Hills

“It was as if the karma bug bit me seeing as though I am now single.🤦 Note to all, hold on to your Not Pollocks… now i am out a Not Pollock and a relationship 😜

Jeremy Hills

“I’m NOT sure .. but there is not anyway this is serious. $175 for 3 pins.. that are circles?”


“Damn those are killer!! I normally just go for gold bc I’m indian and gold looks good on us, but that silver is sharp!! I need a pair!”

Raj Mitra

“Well done. I don’t think I’ve ever been as impressed with an envelope as what I am with what’s inside.”

Tim Paliga

“You sent me an empty envelope lol.”

Kevin Johnson

“Tell ya what, shit gets here wayyyy quicker than dry goods.”

Matthew David

“Dude your testimonials are the fuckin best lol”

Joe Marcoccia

“Dont bother [with] this guy, does not come thru on his word hes half a sham”

Ethan Piper

“$40 for magnets…”

Jarret Niesse

“I’ve been following for over a year now and I still feel like the joke’s over my head.”

Clint Moll

“Please remove me from your contacts and reach out to Bob and get someone competent (not him) to provide his actual email address. Please stop emailing me this nonsense. Do not reply, do not continue to send me this spam.”

Richard K.

“There’s nothing more elusive than a Not Pollock drop.”

Brian McTague

“I was refreshing my email repeatedly starting 2 minutes before 8am. Once it came I clicked the link and looked for something to click on in the email as fast as I could.”

Brian J. Vastine

“Please remove me from your list of pathetic customers, thanks.”


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