Fire it Up Pin in Kyrie Irving “Pool” Colorway

If you like to fire it up then you will almost assuredly like these v2 Fire it Up pins in Kyrie Irving “Pool” colorway.

You have found the page to purchase these v2 Fire it Up devices in vibrant & meaningful Kyrie Irving “Pool” colorways.

There are three choices to choose between, each more rare and hard-to-find than the next — LE x/40 standard colorway, LE x/20 glitter colorway, and LE x/10 raw silver nickel.

All devices are 2″ x 1.25″ with a weight of 14 grams, triple-posted 2.5mm hard enamel and color-matched rubber clutches.

Also, there is a “top-secret” bonus and the bonus is that your purchase includes a holographic “Pool” colorway Fire it Up slap for the additional price of zero dollars.

Important: Please to limit yourself to ONE purchase. Multiple orders will be cancelled, promptly.


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