Fire it Up Deubré in Antique Silver

Your feet will never be cold if your shoes are made adorned with this Fire it Up Deubré in antique silver.

Here is a device that you do not see every day that is called by names such as deubré, doobrie, and lace lock.

No matter what you call it, it will make your shoes more fly and then you will have more of the drip.

Please to know that your purchase includes a pair of two (2) identical devices so you can apply them to a pair of shoes or you can apply one to each of two different shoes or you can take one and do the kick down so your friend can get down.

Also here is some more information that you should know and that is if you purchase 2 pairs you will receive a discount for an amount that is 10% off the already not-so-custy purchase price.

Do the scoop and fire it up.

Note: These devices are open edition and not numbered.

$14.95 / pair

Out of stock

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