Stepdaddy Tribute Pins

It is with unbridled pleasure that I present here to you the Not Pollock Stepdaddy Tribute pin device, paying homage to my favorite stepdaddy, and yours, Donnie Stonemen.

The LE x/69 enamel devices have been made created in two vibrant and meaningful colorways on thicc 3mm black nickel. They are triple-posted with included locking pinbacks and weigh a full 1 oz.

Some people may want to know the information that the yellow & green colorway is UV-reactive, and also that there is also an extremely rare and hard-to-find raw black nickel variant in a limited edition of just 23 devices.

And here is even more information and this is that every pin comes with a high-quality color-matched vinyl sticker device so you can slap your Stepdaddy wherever you’d like.



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